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Alpha L-150 R

Alpha L-150 R

We created this two-out rimfire loader for use with .22LR, .22 mag, .17 HMR. or most rimfire cases you need to load. If you have a need to load rimfire cases, the Alpha L-150 R is the machine for you. This machine has an easy to use touch-screen interface and is built on a mechanical drive, 2 post ram, stationary powder drop, automatic reject, OAL (micrometer). This machine uses the same quality tool steel for our case inserts, dies, crimp station, and the bullet seat that is used on every Alpha machine.


  • Designed for Production
  • Hardened and Precision Ground Tool Steel Components Where Needed
  • Individual Case Holders
  • Individually Controlled Micro-Adjustable Powder Drop
  • Low Maintenance
  • PLC Control
  • Power Requirement – 220 V Single Phase
  • Ram Guided with Precision Hardened Post and Precision Ball Cages
  • Rotary Motion: 24-Position Disc-Mechanical Drive System
  • Simplistic Changeovers
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Versatility


  • Automatic Reject System Keeps Machine Running Through Non-Critical Faults Without Interruption
  • Bullet Latch
  • International Voltage
  • Laser Micrometer (OAL)
  • Laser Powder Check
  • Remote Monitoring – Internet Connection Required
  • Remote Powder Delivery