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Alpha L-360EX

Alpha L-360EX


This machine is fully mechanical with a 24-station rotary that has dual fully-encased inserts that are fed by 3 planetary rotors starting with cases, then powder/propellant, and finally projectiles. These feed stations run synchronously with the main 24 position rotors, allowing for a reliable and consistent production time. We also feature imaging sensors for the case and bullet feeds. These state of the art dual laser sensors look for any fault or malfunction and check the powder while loading. The vertical design of these case and bullet feeders uses an enlarged powder reservoir that is both ergonomically friendly and space efficient. This machine is energy, space and labor efficient, while still delivering an extremely high output of ammunition that is both consistent and reliable.


  • All mechanical drive
  • 24 position indexable loader
  • 8 position planetary indexers
  • 3 HP electric motor
  • Contact parts made with hardened steel/carbide
  • Blast resistant polycarbonate doors
  • Interlocking door safety switches
  • Sealed table top with removable bulkhead plates
  • Separate powder reservoir with automated feed with 700-900 grains per slide
  • Rotary indexing case feed
  • Rotary indexing powder feed
  • Rotary indexing bullet feed


  • Auto Reject—faulty cases
  • OAL laser Micrometer
  • Neck size Punch
  • Tandem case and bullet feeders (vibratory optional)
  • Remote modem
  • Changeable powder bushings
  • Full-size case bushings
  • Imaging case and bullet cameras
  • Self-aligning Tapered crimp feature
  • Allen Bradley PLC controls with HMI screen
  • Conveyor discharge
  • Remote powder delivery system (optional)